Perforated Sheets

Perforated Sheets

We, Zenith Iron Works, take pride in informing our customers that we deal in a wide range of perforated sheets. It is either made of different types of metals like mild steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium or special alloys.
As one of the premier perforated stainless steel sheet suppliers in the industry, we have the capabilities and expertise to deliver customized solutions. No matter what type of project you have or problem you need to solve, our advanced equipment and experienced staff can provide everything necessary to get the desired look and performance.

Zenith Iron Works can perforate stainless steel in thousands of different patterns, in material ranging from 24 gauge to 1/4″ thickness and widths up to 72″. We can supply custom coils, sheets and blanks, as well as finished components ready for installation. Our perforated stainless steel metal sheets and coils are widely regarded as top quality in the industry.


Application of Perforated Sheets

Agricultural Equipment

Radiator guards
Exhaust systems
Metal screens
Metal sheets for Dehydration
Sterialization racks
Ovens with perforated sheets on the sides


Dryer drums and flights to capture lint and push air
Dishwasher components allow water through while catching debris
Refrigeration units and retail display coolers for shelving and internal components
Perforated metal covers on appliance fans draw air in and provide safety features


Speaker mesh metal

Electronoic Enclosure Applications​

Industrial processing equipment
To gaming companies to house cables and games
As metal containers for lighting fixtures
As junction boxes for electronic connectors
Electrical generators

Perforated baking pans and tray

Cooking pans
Baking sheets
Warming cabinets
Pizza pans


Radiator guards/grilles
Muffler exhaust guards and shield
Automotive cooling

In-fill panels

Sun shading
Wind screening
Noise abatement
Stability to a rail, balcony, or walkway system


Restaurant partition


Air Filteration
Liquid Filteration

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