Chainlink Fencing

Chainlink Fencing

Chain Link Fence is a time-tested fencing solution that sits well with a wide array of applications – from farms to high-security sites. Depending on your specific use, we at Zenith Iron Works can supply premium quality Chain Links as well as complete Chain Link Systems as per ISO standards.
When it comes to choosing the ideal Chain Link Fence solution for your property – Fabric Type, Wire Diameters, Mesh Sizes, and surface coatings play a major role. Thankfully, with Zenith Iron Works by your side, you can choose from an incredibly wide range of options based on your site requirements.


Application of Chainlink Fencing ​


Whether you own a commercial property or are simply willing to demarcate your residential property, one of the most promising ways to do so is to deploy a chain link fence which will not only help enclose the area but will also ensure that you enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding areas.


Looking forward to keeping your commercial or industrial premises safe from wandering strays or intruders? Then, consider deploying a Chain Link Fence, which offers the best of both worlds – Security and Transparency! Add to it a barbed wire or concertina on top, and double up on the safety prospect.


While transparency is one of the most well-known aspects of Chain Link Fence, simply adding Aluminum slats to the installation can assure not just safety but also complete privacy, which can prove to be a boon for many!

Farms/ Animal Enclosures

If you own a field, poultry farm, or rear cattle or pets then a chain link fence might prove to be the perfect solution for you. The fence will ensure the perfect level of safety for your beloved animals while giving them the much-needed opportunity to roam around freely.


Schools, whether they are for toddlers or young children, can easily rely on Chain Link Fence to offer a clearly defined space for play and other outdoor activities! This ensures that both the school administration as well as the parents can enjoy some peace of mind while the children rejoice!

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